This blog is dedicated to Mr Soltani and his friends at the Mountaineering Federation of the IR of Iran, to whom our gratitude is profuse. No matter how impressed we were with the attitude of Iranian people so far, what you have done for us exceeds the limits of all kindness. Thanks to your generosity we have been able to fulfill our dream and finish off our trip by climbing up Mount Damavand. They say that real mountaineers are made of another "material", probably a misused expression, but you definitely are. For this and an endless list of other reasons, we are deeply grateful and will keep your country in our hearts forever.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dia 1

Damos un paseo por Londres por la mañana y cogemos el avion en Gatwick (Turkish Airlines). Josu se ha dejado la informacion que tenia impresa sobre las montañas en Bilbao... Echamos unas buenas risas en el avion, le hemos dado el vuelo de su vida a la chica a nuestro lado :-) Majisima! Nos toca esperar 3-4 horas en Estambul, donde le devuelvo la del avion a Josu. P.D. Una vez mas he elegido comida especial en el avion...

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